Madelaine Jane Dowd graduated from Chelsea College of Art in 2016, with a First Class Honours degree in Interior and Spatial Design. Her background has been focused upon architecture, following her childhood passion. However, this does not limit her interest in other areas of design. She has worked on exhibition design as well as sculpture and set design to name a few.

Since 2015 she developed a passion for humanitarian design following the opportunity to work in Japan, responding to the March 2011 disasters. This passion formed the context of her final year at The University of the Arts London (Chelsea), using her first hand research to produce a dissertation. As well as this, the project which directed the experience, 'Horaikan Trail' funded by Future Lab Tohoku,  was exhibited in Tokyo and Korea.

Currently, Madelaine is working on her own new project at the Royal College of Art on the Information Experience Design Masters course. She has chosen the 2016 earthquakes in Italy as her focus and is reacting to the information out there from August onwards. She is frequently visiting the site to get more of an understanding of the people and what they need, looking at the role of the designer within disasters. This subject of the role of designers within disasters will recur though her present and future works.

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