‘Endless City’ is a simple concept to create new perspectives of the city for visitors. The cityscape of London is always changing and it can overpower the architecture that sits beneath it. Endless city creates a visual time lag with the use of projections, digital and analogue using a camera obscura.

The structure I have designed has been a result of the numerous studies done on the original parabolic roof. The site itself has so much depth; I didn’t want to create something completely unrelated to apply to the site.

My approach to this project has been more experimental, letting the models and ideas draw me to the final concept. This freedom has created what I believe to be a simple yet atmospheric final outcome. I have created renderings that give suggestions as to the potential experience within the space. 

This project has revealed a personal style, finding a balance within the structure. I chose right from the beginning not to hide the original ceiling at any stage of the design and this has followed on through from “The Future is Up” to “Endless City”. Architecture is the display; the original building’s details, the structure I have created and in the skyline are my collection.

The final proposal is sensitive structure that conveys a simple concept with an atmospheric outcome.

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