Make Steel Interactive

Make Steel Interactive was a commission by North Lincolnshire Museum. The intention being to teach under 5year olds how steel is made through a kinetic display. The brief was to be done within 48hours, and to provide a concept to be considered for fabrication.

This submission was successful and is being installed in the summer of 2017.

Special thanks to Mikhail Wertheim Aymés for the support with rendering.

Each step of the steel production process was broken into kinetic and responsive displays. The child is given the opportunity to make the action happen and the display come to life with their participation. Each of the motions are clearly highlighted by the enticing, tactile elements of the presentation.  

Optical illusions and tricks of the eye form the surroundings of the kinetic pieces. This is intended to extend the curiosity of the user and accentuate the responses.

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