This collaboration is an amalgamation of disaster journalism and interaction design. The collaboration is between Jack Wild (a web and interface designer), Oliver McLaughlin (a photographer documenting my research) and myself.

It forms an experimental, new take on communicating interconnected narratives, by encouraging focus through interaction design.

The exhibition is intended to inspire hope as well as creating empathic connections, and is built to be digitally distributable and retro-fittable; the intention being to present the information to a wider audience.

My background is within designing for disasters and humanitarian research from a spatial design perspective. I chose to research the situation in Italy, informed by the 2016 earthquakes.

All information gathered was by 1:1 interaction with inspiring characters, pushing to inspire hope in others with their stories of the 2009 earthquakes and aftermath. My passion for the information creating empathy is an object of my own personal connection to the people and situations from my personal experience. Clarity and honesty is the intention in the curation of photography. The photography by Oliver McLaughlin documents my surroundings during the experience of collecting the stories, which are reformed into an experience of the voice, portrait, landscape and detail.

“I have collaborated with Maddie’s research to create an installation which encourages focused listening through sound, interaction and lighting design. The installation is built entirely using mid to low-end consumer electronics and open source web technologies, the idea being that world-class exhibitions needed not only be in world-class cities.” –Jack Wild.

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